Dan MaloneyHello, and thanks for your interest in MSI.

My name is Dan Maloney, owner of Maloney Stringed Instruments (MSI for short). I have been a luthier since 1979 and have designed and built a variety of stringed instruments throughout my career, including guitars, basses, violins, violas and cellos. I started off repairing and modifying instruments for friends and local musicians (some of them became famous, like Les Claypool and Kirk Hammett). After building a couple of instruments, I went to work for Glen Quan of Badass Bridge fame. Glen is the person I credit for showing me how to look for quality in an instrument, and inspired me to strive for excellence in my work. After getting a degree in Design & Industry from SFSU, I went to work for Zeta Music Systems. I was the head luthier/designer at Zeta for 16 years, helping them create their unique product line, as well as setting up their production facility. Over the years I have built and/or designed instruments that have been played by many great musicians.

MSI specializes in building unique electric stringed instruments that embrace new ideas and fresh styling. Currently, all the instruments are hand crafted in small batches at my shop located in El Sobrante, CA. I always pay special attention to detail and strive to build the best possible instruments to satisfy even the most discerning players.

My hope is that my customers will enjoy owning and playing an MSI as much as I enjoy creating them.

MSI is now offering a line of electric violins in addition to guitars and basses.

Dan Maloney